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Kyle Tilman

Driven by all things web

full stack developer.


I like to think of myself as the lynchpin of the internet. Obviously, that isn't truth but it strokes my ego. On the web I am ninja-cool with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Javascript has been my main focus for the last few years. Crockford is like a grandfather to me based on how much of his stuff I have read and utilized.

At my present place of work, I have been tasked with building and maintaining two separate Javascript libraries. Each library has multiple developers and thousands of users. Due to NDA's I can't speak to details, but each libray has a lot of features. So that leads me to the list of web things I do, know and love.

  • HTML5- Local Storage, Web Workerz, Media, Drag and Drop
  • CSS3- Transforms, Translate, Gradients, etc...
  • Javascript- knockout, jquery, underscore, angular, backbone (to name a few)...


Web Applications don't run without a server to serve and host them. With a background in IT, I have learned to love the set up as much as the end product. I have been hosting and managing our company's deployment and web servers. This includes scripting deployment, file management, user management, database setup and mangement.

I live in my terminal. In fact, I am almost evangelistic about using the terminal. So, I'm quite comfortable with logging into remote servers and managing them.

  • python - tornado, django, flask
  • node.js - express, mongoose
  • database - MySQL, postgreSQL, mongodb, T-SQL
  • Distros - CentOS, Ubuntu
  • Web Servers - Apache, Lighttp, Nginx, Uwsgi
  • Shells - zsh, bash
  • AWS - S3, EC2, Cloudfront


One thing that really drives my love for the terminal and my experience with server-side technologies is my love for process streamlining. I tell many people around me that I am not the fastest typer, kind of slow actually, but, I have all of my keyboard shortcuts set up and memorized. I like to think that I maximize my personal efficiency. Part of my obsession with efficiency requires me to make tools that the rest of my team can use as well.

It is only because of my aversion to doing things twice that I have a toolbelt of scripts that make my life easier and maximize efficiency for the whole team.

  • VCS - Git, SVN, Github
  • Build - grunt
  • Continuous Integration - Jenkins
  • Code Review - github, gerrit
  • Bug Tracking - JIRA, Bugzilla, Github Issues
  • Agile/SCRUM